We Believe Mondays Can Be Different.

We work with you to improve your organisation’s commitment, engagement and performance.

M onday. Dreaded by most of us. Another five days until you get to enjoy those two days off. Yes, only two. It hardly seems fair. Then, Monday… At Mondayz we believe it doesn’t have to be like this. We imagine a world where people go to work inspired – even on Mondays.

Research and our experience shows that when an organisation increases its commitment and engagement everything else follows. Performance across customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability and quality improve, whilst employee turnover, absenteeism and safety incidents decline. It can be the difference between an organisation that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow.

That’s where we come in. We work with you to achieve improved commitment, engagement and performance by focusing on three things – Leadership, Culture and Strategy.

It all starts with leadership. It always does. Leaders impact the hearts and minds of their people, they are the foundation of any organisations success. Leaders set the tone on culture and organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of leaders.

To grow and develop your culture, you need to grow and develop your leaders – we can help. Align the right culture with the right strategy and you become unstoppable. You need to develop and communicate an inspiring vision and purpose, as well as clear strategies and goals to achieve that vision and purpose.

Then you need to ensure the vision, strategies and goals form part of your organisations everyday life – we can help with this too. How we help you depends on you. Whether consulting, training, coaching, events or a combination of these, we work with you to unlock the potential of your people and organisation.

What We Do.


Inspire your people


Leadership is about unlocking potential. It’s also why we exist.  To help leaders develop the skills they need to improve themselves, their organisations and most importantly, the people they serve.



If leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change and an organisation’s culture creates the conditions in which strategy is executed. It’s important and we work with you to get culture right.



Strategy can seem mysterious. It isn’t. It’s making choices about your organisations today and tomorrow. We equip your people with the tools, skills and knowledge to make the right choices.

How We Do It.



We partner with you to first discover and then develop customised solutions to transform your organisation and its people.


Equip your people with the skills and mindsets to achieve immediate and lasting organisational impact.


You’ll be challenged and supported to achieve success. Pushed to the limit and held accountable so you reach your potential.


Success is best when it’s shared. By bringing people together, you remind, reinforce and reignite the collective identity of your organisation.

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Let's make Mondays great together